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GIMP Tutorial: Photo Presentation

In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly edit a photo for a presentation with GIMP, a free image editor.

You will need to install GIMP, which you can download for free.

The Aim:

The final photo

A photo with rounded edges that fade out gradually.

Step One: Open Your Photo

Open your photo in GIMP with GIMP's File > Open menu. Here's what you should be seeing when you're done:

An open photo in GIMP 2.6.1

(Click to enlarge thumbnail).

Step Two: Selecting a Rounded Rectangle

Select your photo with Select > All, then select a rounded rectangle with Select > Rounded Rectangle. Adjust the radius until you are happy; if you make a mistake press Ctrl+Z or Edit > Undo to undo your changes.

Selecting a rounded rectangle

(Click to enlarge thumbnail).

Step Three: Shrink Your Selection

Go to Select > Shrink and shrink your selection by about 25 pixels.

Shrinking your selection

(Click to enlarge thumbnail).

Step Four: Feather and Invert

Go to Select > Feather and feather the selection by the same amount that you shrunk it by in step three, e.g. 25 pixels. This smoothes out the selection so that it fades away gradually.

Then go to Select > Invert.

Shrinking your selection

(Click to enlarge thumbnail).

Step Five: Delete and Finish!

Press the delete key on your keyboard, and with luck your photo will look like this:

The final photo

Go to File > Save As and save your photo as a JPG, e.g. "My Photo.jpg".

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