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Understanding Spatial Locality of Reference

The sequence in which you access data can have major performance implications. For example, when iterating over a two dimensional array, looping by x first and then by y can be slower than looping by y first and then by x. This article explains why.

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Optimal Compression for Binary Data

How I managed to compress a 5mb map into just 36kb with two simple techniques.

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Dev. Diary - Hero Extant

Hero Extant (literally "a hero exists") is a computer game that at the moment only exists in my head. It's very much inspired by Dwarf Fortress though, particularly adventure mode.

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GIMP Tutorial: Photo Presentation

Learn how to quickly present a photo with GIMP, a free image editor.

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Reloaded Review: Crime Fighter

A blast from the past! In this review we revisit the DOS game Crime Fighter. Steal cars, raid banks, attack mail trains and wage gang warfare in this addictive freeware game.

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