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Play Online: Xordio, the musical game of reflexes

Xordio, the musical game of reflexes. Play online: Xordio is a browser-based HTML5 game where you must hit the correct note within the time limit to play the music and get a massive high score!

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Free Download: Christmas Jigsaw

This Christmas, play Christmas Jigsaw! A free game download, suitable for all ages.

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Hero Extant RSS feed and subreddit

Just a note to say that new Hero Extant updates will be posted to /r/hex/. You can get this feed as RSS.

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Hero Extant: World Generator

This world generator uses fractal terrains and various simulations to generate highly detailed random map data. It is open-source and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3, with some sections also available under the MIT license.

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Random World Generation with Fractal Terrain

Short video demonstrating the stages of creating a random world. After creating a random fractal heightmap, temperature bands are generated, wind and rain is simulated (including realistic "rain shadows" caused by mountains) and rivers flow.

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