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Lexini - ini file parser


Lexini is an open source library that can parse .ini files for the Cobra Programming Language.

With a full lexer, tokeniser and parser, Lexini is robust enough to handle any syntax errors - and provides helpful feedback on the exact nature and location of the error.

In addition to the usual integer, string and floating-point variables, Lexini supports binary (e.g. %101011) and hexadecimal (e.g. #FFF) values.

Variables are seamlessly coerced into the requested data type, e.g. a hex value of #FF will return 255 as an integer, but "#FF" as a string. A TRUE/FALSE boolean flag returns "TRUE" or "FALSE" as a string.


You can download this program for free (0.25MB zip, windows)

The download contains source code, documentation, and a ready-to-run example.


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