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Circular Buffer C Implementation

A circular buffer or ring buffer is a fixed-size data structure that wraps from end to end. It is ideal for buffering keyboard input or streaming data, like real-time sound or video, where old data is unimportant. C source code included.

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Introducing the MCC Modular C Collection

Introducing the MCC Modular C Collection: an open source selection of clean, unobtrusive, portable and modular includes for the C programming language.

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Poxml.c - Plain Old XML Parser for C

Poxml is a fast, light and open source library that can parse "plain old XML" for the C Programming Language.

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A function to replace any string (needle) with a string (replacement) within a string (haystack), with the C programming language.

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Realtime SVG Engine Techdemo

A tech demo for a real-time Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) engine for the Cobra programming language.

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