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Random World Generation with Fractal Terrain - Downloads

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Random World Generation with Fractal Terrain

Short video demonstrating the stages of creating a random world. After creating a random fractal heightmap, temperature bands are generated, wind and rain is simulated (including realistic "rain shadows" caused by mountains) and rivers flow.


Rendered Final Map

Terrain Types

Terrain Contiguity

Wind and Rain Simulation

Temperature Simulation


  • New, unique, random terrain every time!
  • Realistic wind and rain simulation
  • Detailed temperature bands
  • Detects contiguity of terrain bodies
  • Tweaked for optimum terrain variance, for balanced game play.
  • Supports maps of up to 2048 by 2048
  • Exports data to PNG
  • Exports data to simple binary format
  • Actually fairly fast now

For windows, but works on Linux with wine.


Latest downloads can be found here.

For more information, please visit SoCoder or read the discussion on reddit.


  • "Jesus Hussein Octavius Batman Christ, that's excellent. Thanks so much for this, will probably come in very, very handy in my upcoming project. :)" - Hebejebelus via Reddit
  • "This is great! I can see the DF influence. Can't wait to see what it evolves into" - Mog via SoCoder
  • "This is very cool. Great job! Thanks for making a great tool." - No7Pencil via YouTube
  • "Serious coolness!" - crom via

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