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vm Virtual Machine and Assembler


Want to program powerful, mod-friendly computer games? Try augmenting your programs with vm, a new Virtual Machine for the Cobra programming language.

The imaginatively named "vm" Virtual Machine is a typeless, procedural VM, with native support for functions and strings. Use the "vmAsm" assembler to assemble programs into a vmx (VM eXecutable) binary file that the vm can run.

Register your program's HAPI functions with the VM, and marvel at the power of scripting!

This program is open source - see license-vm.txt and license-vmAsm.txt in the download for licensing details.


You can download this program for free (1.6MB zip, windows)

The download contains source code, documentation, and a ready-to-run front-end where you can load, assemble, and execute scripts (screenshot).

Additional Downloads

Working Pacman assembly example (screenshot).

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