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Manual: Basilisk for Cobra

Basilisk Scripting Library

This library is of limited use. It is here for archive purposes. Unless you need this library as a dependency for another project, I would recommend you consider downloading Lexini or the vm Virtual Machine libraries instead.

The Basilisk for Cobra Library is an open-source unit for the Cobra programming language, providing functionality for 'Virtual Variables', loading data from external text files, functions to aid with scripting, and other useful commands.

For online documentation, please use the online Basilisk manual.

Download now: basilisk v20080913
Contains documentation, an example program and source code.

Updated: patch v20100222
Contains minor bugfixes. Contains only updated source & compiled unit. For documentation and examples, please download basilisk v20080913 above.

Updated License: The Basilisk library is now available under the standard MIT license.

Please note that support for this download has been discontinued. You are welcome to modify the source code. As of January 27th 2010, Basilisk source code is public domain. If public domain is not recognised in your country this source code is released under the MIT license, Copyright © 2007-2008 Ben Golightly.

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