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Reloaded Review: Crime Fighter

A blast from the past! In this review we revisit the DOS game Crime Fighter.

This game really has it all. Bribery, theft, kidnapping, gang warfare, and grandmothers with guns!

You start with a bird's eye view of a large city, where you can enter buildings for a choice of actions. For example, steal a car, kidnap a child from the park, or sell off your stolen goods at the pub.

Actions aren't without consequences, however. If you're caught you may find yourself at the mercy of some angry civilians. Followed shortly by a group of policemen!

Crime Fighter has many mini-games - escaping the police, stealing goods, cracking electronic safes, gambling and attacking trains. Despite the simple graphics, the complexity of the world and variety of ways to commit crimes makes this game extremely addictive and involving.

Once you have earned enough respect in the underground, you can recruit a gang and equip them with weapons. This can lead to some pretty epic fights between two groups and can be a lot of fun. Your aim is to become king of the underworld, and having a gang ready to back you up in battle makes this much easier.

Overall, this game has aged well. It's extremely addictive and the graphics are still cute. Definitely worth trying!

You can now download Crime Fighter for free. You will need a free copy of DOSBox to run this game on modern computers.

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