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Dev. Diary - Hero Extant

I posted earlier about my random terrain generator. I'm hoping to release the source code for it soon.

But what is it for? Well, it's already usable as a map generator for all sorts of games (video games and tabletop). Specifically, it's part of my new project, "Hero Extant".

Hero Extant

Hero Extant (literally "a hero exists") is a computer game that at the moment only exists in my head. It's very much inspired by Dwarf Fortress though, particularly adventure mode.

Essentially, it's an RPG with ASCII-like graphics, but with extremely detailed mechanics and world simulation, and a new randomly generated world every time you play.

Generated worlds in Hero Extant will be populated by several races, with a unique vocabulary for each culture. Dwarves and giants are Norse, goblins are Finnish, elves are Welsh, Humans are Anglo-Saxon/English, Lizzardmen are Egyptian/Arabic, Satyrs are Greek with some Gothic language. The Norse mythology dominates, however. Races, rather than have English names, instead use their traditional mythological name. For example, dwarves, based on Norse Dwarves, use the Old Norse name of Dvergar.

While I have yet to create anything playable, I'm building up a nice collection of files containing race definitions, place name rules and character names for each culture.

Stay tuned!

Update: 9th June

I've written a better front-end - it's far more attractive and the code is much cleaner. The world-gen back-end plugged in nicely without any modifications. Here's a screenshot of the new world-gen screen (click to enlarge):

Credit for the background image goes to


Desktop wallpapers: wallpaper with logo and wallpaper without logo.

Update: 11th June

The Hero Extant: world generator component has been released!

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