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Changelog - Hero Extant

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Development version (unreleased)

  • New "profile" PNG export - screenshot.
  • Imrpoved heightmap generation method
  • New wind & rain simulation model
  • New terrain classification rules
  • Exposed terrain roughness option in GUI
  • Elevations above maximum are now scaled to fit, rather than clamped.
  • Temperature band generation improved (better band shapes).
  • Now correctly frees parsed configuration files from memory
  • Lowered the maximum world size back to 2048.
  • Relaxed world map rejection criteria

Release 20100714

  • (re-)added solid-shaded PNG export, "terrains.png", for terrain types.
  • See "docs/Reading exported PNG data.txt" for colour information.

Release 20100711

  • Released under GNU GPL v3 license.
  • New front-end.
  • Worlds can now be as large as 4096x4096.
  • Exported binary data is arranged for better potential compression.
  • Pre-compresses exported binary data using a difference filter.
  • Compresses exported binary data using SR3a.

Release 20100530

Release 20100520

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