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HagEnable... - Main Functions - Hag GUI for Cobra - Static

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HagEnable... - Main Functions - Hag GUI for Cobra

This page covers the following procedures: HagEnableAAliasing, HagEnableDebugLog, HagEnableErrorLog, HagEnablePerfLog, HagEnableTileCache.

For each procedure, supply TRUE to enable to enable, FALSE to disable.

These procedures should only be used after HagInit, otherwise they will have no effect.

Procedure HagEnableAAliasing([enable: Boolean=TRUE])

Enables or disables anti-aliasing globally, whether or not a theme was compiled with anti-aliasing.

Global anti-aliasing is enabled by default, however the XP theme does not contain any anti-aliasing for most elements.

Procedure HagEnableDebugLog([enable: Boolean=TRUE])

Enables or disables debug logging.

Debug logging is not enabled by default.

Procedure HagEnableErrorLog([enable: Boolean=TRUE])

Enables or disables error logging.

Error logging is enabled by default, and it is not recommended to disable it.

Procedure HagEnablePerfLog([enable: Boolean=TRUE])

Enables or disables performance logging.

Performance logging is enabled by default.

Procedure HagEnableTileCache([enable: Boolean=TRUE])

Enables or disables tile caching, which at the expense of memory greatly increases the rendering speed of Hag GUI elements.

The Tile Cache is enabled by default, and it is not recommended to disable it unless you are resizing hag GUI elements extremely often (e.g. perhaps a WYSIWYG editor for your gui menus).

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