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Change Log - Hag GUI for Cobra

v20100914 : 14th September 2010

  • New xml2gui unit for loading a hag gui from an XML file.
  • Added Get<Element>ByHook functions for accessing script/xml-loaded gui elements
  • Added canvas.hover boolean
  • Fixed memory leak when rendering drop down boxes
  • Fixed memory leak when changing the text of a hText element.
  • Fixed memory corruption leading to crashes when the text of a hText element is an empty string
  • Short strings containing Chr(10) linebreaks should now correctly break
  • Changing the text of a hText element now no longer writes to the debug log

v20100718 : 18th July 2010

  • Fixed horizontal slider rendering
  • Progress bar percent changes no longer Write to debug log
  • Faster text wrapping --- important change: the ascii text "\n" is no longer treated as a line break; use Chr(10) instead.

v20100711 : 11th July 2010

  • New GUI theme, "dark"
  • Fixed crash in PositionForm for forms with progress bars
  • Fixed PositionForm not applying to slider elements
  • Tweaked button rendering behaviour

v20100301 : 1st March 2010

  • Sliders without divisions now return true for SliderUpdated when the slider position is moved, even if the mouse is still held down
  • Fixed scrollbars taking less z-index priority over some elements when finding the sprite hovered over by the mouse
  • Fixed SetScrollBarMouseWheelTargetElement not being exported
  • Fixed TextBoxSetFontStyle and TextBoxSetFontColor not working when the selection size was one.
  • Debug logging removed from some frequent-use functions

v20100223 : 23rd February 2010

  • Changed license to standard MIT license
  • Added a Canvas GUI element and releated functions & procedures.
  • Added a ListBox GUI element and related functions & procedures.
  • Added a ScrollBar GUI element and related functions & procedures.
  • Themes updated to support ListBox customisations (new themes are fully backwards compatible with older versions of Hag)
  • Theme compiler updated to work with new themes (new compiler is fully backwards compatible with older themes)
  • Added experimental function CreateChildForm
  • Added procedure TextBoxSetFontStyle
  • Added procedure TextBoxSetFontColor
  • Fixed case where text-wrapping of hag text elements was sometimes ignored.
  • Fixed drop-down boxes not blocking clicks over all elements
  • Fixed drop-down box text positioning
  • Fixed drop-down boxes not clearing their list of options when freed
  • Fixed case where drop-down box sprites were re-created needlessly
  • Fixed FlushTextBox not fully clearing the textbox's update flags
  • Fixed HagFreeGuiTheme not fully freeing the existing theme images
  • Fixed several incorrect error and debug log strings
  • Fixed several incorrect code comments

v20080630 : 30th June 2008

  • Added procedure HagUpdateAll_AutoKeys

v20080608 : 8th June 2008

  • Initial Release

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