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Hag GUI screenshots - Static

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Hag GUI screenshots

ListBox GUI control with scrollbar

A List Box control with an automatic scrollbar, and some buttons using the "XP" skin.

Rich Text Boxes

Text boxes fully support the mouse as you would expect - click and drag to select text. Keyboard shortcuts are also fully supported, including cut and paste, shift+left/right, home/end.

Checkbox GUI controls

Checkbox GUI controls

Radio Button GUI controls

Radio Button GUI controls


Sliders, horizontal or vertical, with optional snap-to divisions.

Drop Down Boxes

Drop Down box GUI controls.


Tabs allow you to fit several forms into one window.

Scrollbar and canvas

Canvases allow you to fully integrate sprites/images with other Hag GUI elements such as scrollbars or tooltips.

Rich Text Boxes

All text boxes are rich text - change font, colour and style several times in the same text box.

(Click image to enlarge). Example Program featuring frames, radio buttons, checkboxes, progress bars, tabs, buttons and image buttons.

(Click image to enlarge). Set up complex GUI applications with minimal code.

Fully skinable

Hag GUI is fully skinnable - use a sensible theme for level editors or create your own theme to match the feel of your game. Note the themed buttons and frame/border in this example.

 Fully compatible with Cobra 3D

(Click image to enlarge). Fully compatible with Cobra's 3D module!

ListBox GUI control with an alternate theme

A List Box control, demonstrating a different GUI theme.

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