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Manual: Hag GUI for Cobra

Hag GUI for Cobra

Hag is an open source unit for the Cobra programming language, providing a powerful, fully-featured, fully skinnable GUI for the pure2d, cobra2d and cobra3d modules of Cobra.

Documentation is currently in-progress, however you may like to check out the screenshots.

Download now: hag v20100914
Contains source code, compiled code and two themes.

Compiled Examples: examples v20100301
Contains fourteen ready-to-run examples, with source code.

Download xml2gui: xml2gui v20100914
Contains source code and a compiled example. Poxml included as a binary.

The following GUI elements are supported:

Additional Hag Features:

  • Fully skinnable - suitable for a sensible level editor or themed for your game
  • Switch skins on-the-fly
  • Excellent performance
  • Detailed error, debug and performance logging
  • Tool tip hints and mouse state hints
  • Natural keyboard control, e.g. tab to jump to next text box
  • Text boxes have full keyboard and mouse control, e.g. selecting text, copy/paste, home/end, etc.
  • Text boxes are all rich text, e.g. change bold, italic, colour, font several times in the same text box
  • Works with pure2d, cobra2d and cobra3d modules with no changes
  • Elements grouped and attached to "forms" - easily move, disable or hide a whole group of elements at once.

This software is still in active development. While feature complete, documentation is still in progress.

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