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CreateShortcut - Lnk for Cobra - Static

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CreateShortcut - Lnk for Cobra

Function CreateShortcut(lnkpath:String, volume: Integer, volume_type: Integer) : ^lnks

lnkpath: The path to a shortcut file to create. If the file extension ".lnk" is not included, it will be appended automatically

volume: The volume that the lnk file will be created on (currently, only LNK_VOLUME_LOCAL is valid).

volume_type: The type of volume that the lnk file will be created on (e.g. LNK_VOLUME_TYPE_FIXED) - see Exported Constants, section lVolumeType.

Creates and returns a handle for a new shortcut. Use WriteShortcut to write this shortcut to disk.




   lnk = CreateShortcut("My Shortcut", LNK_VOLUME_LOCAL, LNK_VOLUME_TYPE_FIXED)
       lnk.lDescription = "Here's my test shortcut!!!"
       lnk.lTargetPath = CurrentDir + "\testlnk.exe"
       lnk.lRelativePath = ".\testlnk.exe"
       lnk.lWorkingDir = CurrentDir
       lnk.lCustomIcon = CurrentDir + "\test.ico"
       If WriteShortcut(lnk) = FALSE then MessageBox("Couldn't create shortcut")

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