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Algorithm to Draw a Line of Arbitrary Thickness - Manuals

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Algorithm to Draw a Line of Arbitrary Thickness

By modifying Bresenham's line algorithm to plot rectangles instead of pixels, it is possible to draw lines of any thickness.

This code is for the Cobra programming language, however it should be easy to port to your language of choice.



Procedure BLine(x0: Integer, y0: Integer, x1: Integer, y1: Integer, color: Integer, canvas: Element, xthickness: Integer, ythickness: Integer)
   steep: Boolean
   iTmp: Integer
   deltax, deltay: Integer
   error: Integer
   ystep: Integer
   x, y: Integer
   xthickOver2, ythickOver2: Integer

   steep = abs(y1 - y0) > abs(x1 - x0)

   If steep then
       // swap(x0, y0)
       iTmp = x0
       x0 = y0
       y0 = iTmp
       // swap(x1, y1)
       iTmp = x1
       x1 = y1
       y1 = iTmp        
x0 > x1 then

        // swap(x0, x1)
       iTmp = x0
       x0 = x1
       x1 = iTmp
        // swap(y0, y1)
       iTmp = y0
       y0 = y1
       y1 = iTmp
    deltax = x1 - x0
    deltay = abs(y1 - y0)
    error = deltax / 2
    ystep = 0
    y = y0
    If y0 < y1 then ystep = 1 else ystep = -1
    For x = x0 to x1
       xthickOver2 = xthickness/2
       ythickOver2 = ythickness/2
       If steep then
           Rect(y-ythickOver2, x-xthickOver2, xthickness, ythickness, color, TRUE, canvas)
           Rect(x-xthickOver2, y-ythickOver2, xthickness, ythickness, color, TRUE, canvas)
       error = error - deltay
       If error < 0 then
           y = y + ystep
           error = error + deltax



   OpenScreen(640, 480, 32, FALSE)
   While (KeyHits(VK_ESCAPE) = 0)
       BLine(320, 240, MouseX, MouseY, ToRGBA(0,0,255), ScreenBuffer, 5, 5)


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