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Portfolio of Ben Golightly.

Please note, this is an old page. I now work at Tawesoft.

Websites and System Administration:

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Website: 2005-present

My website for posting code, articles and downloads. Most code is open source, either MIT or GPL licensed.

Custom CMS with flat-file binary database, custom analytics, greylisting security, multiple user support with variable permission levels, RSS and sitemap generator. PHP, Valid HTML5 and CSS3.

Example analytics output: PNG (large image).

Website: 2005-present

A website I created and maintain for the Swansea Socialist Party.

Advanced content-management system with version control and support for multiple concurrent editors. Page cache ensures anonymous users never hit the database, generating a full page in less than one millisecond.

Automatic RSS & Sitemap generation. PHP & MySQL database. HTML5 & CSS3. News database dating back to 2007.

Website: (dead link) 2010-present

A work-in-progress website where you select your favourite music artists, When they release a new album, the website sends you an e-mail.

MySQL database with several million records, with data pulled from several sources.

Features json auto-completion for over 470,000 artists!

Remote Linux Server Admin 2010-present

Administration of a remote Linux server (ubuntu 10.4) through SSH. LAMP stack, multiple apache "virtual domains", iptables firewall, postfix e-mail w/ postgrey (greylisting), DNS records, logrotate rules, analog, cron tasks, fail2ban, with patch

Released Programs and Code:

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Hag GUI (2008-2010)

A fully featured GUI for 2D and 3D applications, with fully skinnable elements, including rich-text boxes, drop-down boxes, list-boxes, progress bars, buttons, sliders, scrollbars, checkboxes, radio buttons, frames and canvases. A new "xml2gui" unit builds the gui automatically from the supplied XML.

Over 10,000 lines of Cobra source code, MIT licensed

vm - Virtual Machine and Assembler (2010)

vmAsm assembler parses and converts a human-readable "assembly language" file into binary. Seamlessly typeless variables, with support for functions. Detailed and specific error checking.

vm Virtual Machine runs the compiled assembly script. Benchmarks put the speed at close to 1:70 compared to native code in ideal circumstances, 1:170 typical.

Cobra source code, MIT licensed

World Generator (2010)

A program that uses fractal terrains to generate a random world. Simulates temperature bands, wind and rain, rain water flow & rivers and determines terrain type and continuity, to give a detailed map with a wealth of supporting information. Designed to render to PNG for pen-and-paper, or be used to generate maps for game developers.

Cobra source code, GPL licensed

Real-time SVG Engine (2010)

A library that loads SVG (XML) files and renders them in real-time. This allows advanced effects such as on-the-fly animation and deformation, as well as "free" rotation and scaling.

Cobra source code, MIT licensed

Omnircron (2005-2006)

A 3D game I wrote for my Graphics GCSE with Blitz3D. I wrote my own physics engine. At the time, I was using Windows 98 with 192MB of RAM and a pentium III. It ran at 14fps!

Direct Download: 15MB RAR (windows)

Game: Nap Attack (2009)

A short game I wrote in one day with Cobra.

MCC "Modular C Collection" (2010)

A selection of clean, unobtrusive, portable and modular includes for the C programming language, including a "graphics engine agnostic" graphics API. A work in progress.

C source code, MIT licensed


poxml - XML Parser (2010)

A "Plain Old XML" parser; full tokeniser, lexer and parser.

Cobra source code, MIT licensed


poxml.c - XML Parser for C (2010)

A "Plain Old XML" parser; full tokeniser, lexer and parser.

Strict C source code, MIT licensed


lexini - INI Parser (2010)

An .ini config file parser; full tokeniser, lexer and parser for syntax checking, supports strings, integers, real numbers, boolean, hexadecimal and binary with seamless data type coercion.

Cobra source code, MIT licensed


.lnk reader/writer (2009)

Reads and writes windows .lnk shortcut files at the binary level (e.g. no windows API required)

Cobra source code, MIT licensed

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